Let Us Save You Time And Money… While You Expand Your Practice!

Outsourcing your medical billing will not only save you time and unnecessary stress but will also save your practice money. With today’s advancements in technology and improved methods of communication there is no longer a need for in-house billing. On average, practitioners can save $1,500 dollars a month or more by choosing to outsource their billing services.


We file claims electronically in an efficient manner from the time  they are received so they will be paid quickly increasing your bottom line.  Every claim we submit will go thru a claim scrubbing process to assure that it is paid promptly and without errors. When necessary, and upon request we can also submit paper claims.


Our experienced team of certified medical billing coders are HIPPA compliant and proficient in ICD-10-CM, ICD-9-CM, CPT, NDC, and HCPCS codes and standards, insurance and governmental regulatory requirements, and payer-specific coding requirements.


We confirm patient eligibility for almost all commercial insurers instantaneously! Our practice management system runs instant online checks for patient insurance eligibility with key government and commercial insurance payers, eliminating the need for paper submission and repeated calls to insurers to coordinate insurance checks. This allows our clients the time to concentrate on their practices without having to be concerned  with  lost revenue due to delays or errors.


To help increase profitability for our clients most of our claims will be submitted using an Internet/Cloud based clearinghouse.  Claims go through an intense scrubbing process indicating errors before being submitted to improve  the overall reimbursement process.


This is a key aspect to increasing the revenue of our clients.  Our detail orientated staff will spend the time and effort needed to pursue each claim with the insurance companies involved, maximizing reimbursement for our clients.


Our experienced staff will enter information provided to us from the insurance providers and clients we serve into our database.


As payments and explanation of benefits are received they will be checked for denial code review and audited for correct payment and/or benefits and then posted into our database within 24 hours.


We provide a pre-collection service on accounts that aren’t quite ready for full collection yet. The pre-collection service offers a cost effective way to notify customers of how serious their past due account is while still maximizing the profit for our clients.


We mail out detailed monthly statements and collections from our office on behalf of our clients using the parameters they have requested.


With our state of the art software we have the ability to customize and create over 79 reports tailoring them to meet each of our clients specific needs. In most cases reports will be done monthly and annually, however each provider and/or practice is unique so we can negotiate other terms as needed.


We complete the credentialing applications for insurance carriers for our clients,  as well as track those applications throughout the approval process.


We provide complete credentialing services with insurance carriers and networks of our client’s choice.  Some examples of such carriers are Medicare, Medical/Cencal, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Commercial carriers, DMERC carriers, Workman’s Compensation carriers, etc.


We maintain all pertinent credentialing documentation needed (such as: Medical Licenses, Board Certificates, DEA, CDS, CME’s etc.).

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