We are centrally located on the coast of California, serving Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura counties.

Committed to Your Success

We believe that physicians should be able to concentrate on patient care, rather than having to deal with bill pay and insurance companies.  GSMB is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional medical billing services as well as warm client care and support.  We pride ourselves on using advanced billing technologies, which gives our clients a professional, efficient, and seamless billing process that helps them achieve their medical billing objectives.

Our Employees

Golden State Medical Billing has a highly seasoned and accomplished team of medical billers and coders who bill with integrity, and promote exceptional service to our clients and their customers.

GSMB is devoted to the efficient and effective use of all billing resources available in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, achieving overall success for our clients.

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Interested in joining the Golden State Medical Billing team? Please send your resume along with the position you’re applying for to hr@goldenstatemedicalbilling.com.