Why Medical Employees Should Be HIPPA Certified



Everyday billions of people provide their personal information in hospitals, medical clinics, Pharmacies and etc. With all the information coming in and with the employees of the facility who come across your personal information as well as physicians; how can you trust the company will keep your information private and out of the wrong hands?

Well that’s where HIPPA comes into play. HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a law that was made to provide privacy standards to protect delicate information of patient records. The law allows patients to access their medical records and be in charge of how the information is used and shared.

HIPPA laws apply to all Doctors, clearing houses and health care plans as well as providers who electronically transmit health information. With that being said here are some things you should know about HIPPA:

-HIPPA is not a voluntary agreement it is enforced by law. And any organization that holds personal health information has no choice but to comply with the rules and introduce them to new employees and enforce their importance.
– HIPPA has rules such as a Privacy rule and a Breach Notification Rule. The Privacy rule is basically what it says to keep all information disclosed unless a patient requests otherwise. The Breach Notification Rule: states if a breach has occurred it is the highest priority of the facility to notify the necessary parties that a breach of patient information has taken place.
Any violation could cost a fine of $50,000. Not only could a fine hurt the company but it can also hurt the practices reputation in the health care field. This is because trust between the facility and patients are extremely important to the success of the company. Any words of breach or investigations of such can hurt and destroy that trust. To ensure trust between the patient and company it is encouraged to comply with HIPPA . That’s why it is so important to keep HIPPA in mind always.


Article written by: Natasha Hernandez